About the project

Addressing global health security requires understanding the intersection between biological outbreaks, policy, politics, economics, law enforcement, and emergency preparedness and response. Ensuring adequate financing for nations, regions and international systems to prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats is critical for the advancement of global health security, and requires awareness of the current status of funding. To identify funding requirements, develop a compelling case for investment, assess effectiveness of aid, and prioritize future funding decisions, it is necessary to understand who is funding what, and where, in the broad context of global health security.

The Georgetown Global Health Security Tracking site was developed to provide a shared resource to map the flow of disbursed funds for global health security. Global Health Security Tracking (GHS Tracking) allows both funders and recipients to identify gaps and prioritize future investments, and helps to highlight the ways in which funds can be allocated most effectively to have the greatest impact. This platform and effort serves as a basis for mutual accountability within the global health security community, promoting public accounting, and providing an opportunity for countries, organizations, and other funders to showcase their successes and identify priorities for future investments.

Global Health Security Tracking was created by the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security in partnership with Talus Analytics, and the site launched in 2017. A grant from the Open Philanthropy Project provided the funding. Data are available from 2014-2022; the last data update for GHS Tracking was in December 2022. The site data are no longer being updated, but will continue to be available on this site.

We welcome user questions and comments. We also invite you to share any research conducted using Global Health Security Tracking, so that we can link to it from this site. Please contact us at globalhealthsecurity@georgetown.edu.


GHS Tracking is a project of the Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security. Research team leads are Dr. Rebecca Katz and Dr. Ellie Graeden. Creation of the GHS Tracking database and online user interface was supported by: Matt Boyce, Stephanie Eaneff, Cecil John, Justin Kerr, Jessica Lin, Yasser Omar, Hailey Robertson, Kelsey Smith, Tess Stevens, Harshini Tammareddy, Michael Van Maele, and Ryan Zimmerman.